We do Organizational Performance Differently

Performance improvement consulting

Working with proactive leaders to improve organizational performance DIFFERENTLY



Building an Effective, High Performing Organization

Is your organization the well-running organization that you envisioned? Are all of the organization ‘gears’ running smoothly? We all want our organizations to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The 42 Group works with all levels of the organization to identify bumps that prevent the gears from running smoothly. Leading the organization to learn from existing challenges, and getting to solutions, based on employee input that work for all levels of the organization. Creating a great working environment built on trust. 


Improved Efficiency

Right wrong or indifferent we are all interested in our bottom line. Is your organization meeting your goals? Process inefficiency, defects, injuries, undesired outcomes, off track projects all effect the bottom line. Through a systematic review, The 42 Group, identifies undesired behaviors, cumbersome processes, organizational climate, unrealistic expectations and others that may seem unique to your organization. Designing and implementing solutions that work.


Affecting Positive Change

Are you planning on making a change, either significant or a small shift? The 42 Group will work with you to look at the technical side of the change and the emotional side as well. In laying out a thoughtful plan that address both aspects, the change can be implemented seamlessly for a successful outcome.


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